Focus: Start Ups

In cooperation with our partner Ignite Outsourcing does EST – Solutions aim for young Austrian Start Ups.

At the very beginning when you are still working on your idea, EST – Solutions wants to stand by your side and ensure your idea’s success. CEO Engelbert Stritzl is able to find innovative solutions for the problems of young and energetic entrepreneurs.

When your Start Up takes off you have the unique possibility to benefit from EST – Solutions and its partner Ignite Outsourcing. The whole software development department can be outsourced while the Austrian team has more time to focus on other important parts like advertising. This solution allows your Start Up to grow rapidly it these highly competitive times.

Here is a short cutout from our partner Ignite Outsourcing:
“Ignite assists customers in developing detailed specifications. Then, Ignite minimizes their customer’s R&D risk by providing them with a guaranteed project price and delivery date, while keeping responsiveness to the customers’ changing requirements by on-going prioritization of the project’s requirements.”

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