Software development – Summer News 2016

Three masons were asked what they are doing. The first says: “Every day I am coming here to do my job. I put a brick on the other, as I have learned! “. The second replies, “I’m working on a large construction site, my master tells me what to do and some when the building might be finished. I can make a living with it. “. When the third is asked he says: “I’m building a cathedral!”

But what does that have to do with SW development?

The digital transformation requires capable, competent, farseeing SW engineers. They are scarce. Going back to the opening statement, yes, there is a shortage of qualified personnel, both in quality and in quantity. This must not be misunderstood, the quality is there, but not to a sufficient extent. If one accepts a cheap offer, the quality suffers quickly. Don’t you want to build a cathedral?

The requirements for SW experts could not be more diverse, it makes a difference whether one implemented processes in the financial or insurance sector, developed an app or implements time-critical systems which do not allow any tolerance (autonomous driving, etc.). Strict safety criteria and personal data are very important factors.

SW development is a global issue, distributed developments are standard. What must not be underestimated is the respect of cultural differences and the communication between the teams.

You can see what we are paying attention to. We strive to bring our software developers to the highest level, to live communication and prepare them for the objectives of their duties so that they deliver the best results in terms of your objectives. You want to finally put sustainable competitive products on the market and satisfy your customer’s needs?

Let us build a cathedral!

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