Start Ups – Summer News 2016

We are living in a time in which technology is progressing faster than ever. Processors double their performance in a very short time and the internet has overtaken print and TV a long time ago. How can you keep up or even outplay your competitors in this fast moving time.

Software outsourcing is the solution. For some an abstract concept, for others already long practiced Development Model. With the help of EST – Solutions you are improving your business with our expert’s know-how. An individually laced Service Packet accompanies your Startup from campaign launch to release and beyond. By clever software outsourcing an unbeatable price / performance ratio can be achieved. Using Scrum prepares your Start Up for the most rapid competition changes and is able to master upcoming challenges easily. Are you facing an expansion or a software idea but do not have the needed resources, please let us know.

Austria is no longer a small modest cottage in the heart of Europe. Each year more than 29,000 enterprises are launched but there is still room for improvement. Often brilliant ideas are never implemented because of a lack in market experience. Aside of software outsourcing EST – Solutions is able to offer a long time of experience on the market. CEO Engelbert Stritzl accompanies you personally to find individual solutions to match your challenge. Let us help you to guide your company to the top of the market.

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