Streaming – Summer News 2016

We are used to be “live there” at any time and any place. Friends and family immediately experience what we are doing on holidays. If something happens around the world, we are live there. Moving pictures directly on your Smartphone, PC or “Wearable” – whatever it is: a watch, a pair of glasses or even your own retina where pictures are projected to? We are watching movies on demand whenever and where we want, classic television, which just happened to be the cutting edge, seems already old-fashioned. How does that even work?

The Internet, satellite networks, movie databases, VoD, OTT, millions of cameras – so, how does that work? What about privacy, personal rights and duties? And who is paying for it? Lucky us we have experts. Our experts developed a platform which is so flexible, Telekom operators, publisher, cable network operators, broadcaster and companies which want to provide moving pictures for their customers, are using it. It doesn’t take much effort, there is no need of an own infrastructure, you simply rent the system as long as you need it and it is as reliable. With the help of many examples, we can impressively show where the system is already working perfectly. By providing multi-screen TV apps we are rounding off the portfolio and are able to guarantee streams straight from the camera to the end users, wherever they might be.

We are taking in these innovations, enhance them together and returning it as an improved customer experience for everyone.

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