What can be expected from EST Solutions?

EST Solutions GmbH is a consulting company and ICT service provider. EST Solutions supports organisations, suppliers and service Providers in business development, sales and implementation of projects. EST Solutions forms together with selected companies a powerful group which can provide you small, mid-sized and big projects.

Enterprices in various segments and of different sizes benefit from the expertices of our highly qualified experts. Our offering is customer experience as well as test- and diagnostic-systems for telecommuication enterprices, Software development and do support you with innovative solutions and it’s implementation.

EST Solutions serves well established companies as well as startups. Our Slogan is: “Specific requirments need specific answers“.

EST Solutions works with agile, innovative and unconventionel methods for solutions in different problem situations. Digitalisition takes place everywhere. You may join this trend or even you don’t. If not: gues that digitalisation can help you too.

EST Solutions consits of a global expert network, digitalisationis our DNA. If you do have lack of ressources we may have the right answer for it. EST Solutions develops your individual solution and is based on inovative, future-proof solutions. We do that for our premium customers who make the perfect solutions out of it.

We are satisfied even when we could support you on your succeful path!

Digitalisation means for sure development and improve based on developmet of Software. To improve and ensure competitivness of our customers in the global race it is our mission to provide them those solutions as early as possible.

Support from within the group of companies and expertise is essential to ensure our customers location even in the high price region. EST starts where our customer does have the pains. Even if you develop Software by your own, you may need some expertice because of ressource lacks or you may outsource entire Software development. Individual Software solutions are the core mission of EST Solutions. But we do have also products and solutions which will be adapted for customers needs and specific use cases.

EST Solutions is the turning plattfrom and source for your solutions, we do find the right answer for you too!

Excellent Customer Experienc is essential for survival for telecommunciation companies. Where do you get those information and how to know customers really feel with their services?

Is the service always available? What about the Quality-of-Service (QoS)? What about the Quality-of-Experience (QoS)? What is your position compared to your competitors? And finally: how do you get the informations from your clients and how usefulis thisinformation? With our apps you get this information directly from your clients! We measure our values directly on the clients devices (smartphones, routers, etc.). Our backendsystem helps you to evaluate in form of our managed services our to do it by yourself.

Scenarios and use case helps you the get your systems into operation, helps your sales, your service engineers, customer care processes etc., make your processes more efficient and helps to reduce costs!

Enterprices with very complex infrastructure (distributed production lines, many locations, banks, insurance companies, telecom providers, etc.) does just work when equipment and processes are available all the time.

Twenty years of experience have been invested to develop a new technology called Sherlogic fo cognitive monitoring of your system components (software, hardware, communication, machines, other assets, etc.). Based on correlation rules and groundbreaking, innovative algorithms downtime can be seen in advance and suitable measures can be done before troubles come up. Cost reduction is tremendous, many references show that it works.

Is security, time- and cost effectiveness of great value for you?

OTT solutions for media, telecom providers, broadcaster and enterprices who send video messages and information to their emplyees or customers.

Full text will be given later on. But ask us already about!

Telecommication provides still have to deal with copper cables in their networks for long time.

Can cost and processes be optimised in near future or is it already done? A view behind the scense is worth to do. A set of new techology based devices in connection with the backendsystem supports you well. Highligth is the loop-a-line concept which allows maintenance without an additional ressource. You’ll find all measured data in the backend system which is connected to the service engineers. Stakeholders benefit from it.

Detailed information about the devices and cable mapping system will be given on demand. EST Solutions is your trading partner.

Interesting Startup Ideas which will be provided to great banks and financial instituts (attractive customer benefit, image).

Full text will be given later on. But you may ask us already fo it.

EST Solutions is partner of theMechatronic-Cluster Upper Austria and trained to apply the Degree-of-Maturity Model (RGM).

Mechatronic cluster Upper Austria together with the university of Steyr provides a plattform for evaluation of the current status and target status of degree of digitalisation (Industry 4.0). You’ll get the status quo and recommendations what need to be done next. Anonymous benchmarking helps you to see where you are.

How well are your prepared for digitalisiation?