About the Company

Here we let you have a look behind the scene. You may want to know who we are. And we want you to know what is important for us, what we do, how we work und how we came to those results which help you having sustainable success.


The Company

EST Solutions is an innovative, project oriented company. Engelbert Stritzl has founded it in 2013 and is still the managing director.


The Management

Engelbert STRITZL is the founder and now managing director of EST Solutions. His has got an education to an electrotechnique engineer and in technical physics.


Our Philosophy

What was the reason to found and ramp-up a company like EST Solutions? EST Solutions solves customer’s problems and identifies itself with the customer’s goals!


The Team

Formal EST Solutions is a small company, throuhout strategic cooperations it has been developing to a respectable consortium.


How we work

The offering of EST Solutions is manifold as the requirements of our customers too. Experts therefore are necessary and we do have them available.



The listed competences are only related to Software- and IT-requirements of our customers, EST Solutions doesn’t offer pure vertical expertise, e.g. financial services.