Our Philosophy

What was the reason to found and ramp-up a company like EST Solutions? EST Solutions solves customer’s problems and identifies itself with the customer’s goals! Our customers do get “simple” solutions and useful answers to complex questions.We put to forefront our experts who develop and deliver our solutions. Much more important anyway is to ensure long-term competitivness of our customers. If this is clear then we ask HOW?

Initial reason to do so was the experience in an internationl enterprice with strong technical focus. What happens when professional expertise doesn’t meet the customer needs. Disruptive changes show that technicians understand their business but innovations mostly does come from another sources, but anyway need technology.

How does the farmer get the horse and vice-versa?

EST Solutions is looking for ressources, experts, products, innovations, etc. and develops professional networks but also looks for the needs of humans and the society which are refected by the companies.

Exactly here we close the gap. Therefore we work with premium partners with excellent products and services to complete our core competences and provide the right answers. Our offering is dynamic and solves the requirments of the market and our customers in small as well in big context.

Even EST Solutions is a small company it has developed to a consortium with manifold opportunities. The development goes on together with our customers and premium Partners.

EST Solutions is the point-of-contact for a compehensive and high qualified expert network. With our efficient and innovative solutions we bridge the gap to the future!