Software development – Summer News 2016

Three masons were asked what they are doing. The first says: “Every day I am coming here to do my job. I put a brick on the other, as I have learned! “. The second replies, “I’m working on a large construction site, my master tells me what to do and some when the building might be finished. I can make a living with it. “. When the third is asked he says: “I’m building a cathedral!”

But what does that have to do with SW development?

The digital transformation requires capable, competent, farseeing SW engineers. They are scarce. Going back to the opening statement, yes, there is a shortage of qualified personnel, both in quality and in quantity. This must not be misunderstood, the quality is there, but not to a sufficient extent. If one accepts a cheap offer, the quality suffers quickly. Don’t you want to build a cathedral?

The requirements for SW experts could not be more diverse, it makes a difference whether one implemented processes in the financial or insurance sector, developed an app or implements time-critical systems which do not allow any tolerance (autonomous driving, etc.). Strict safety criteria and personal data are very important factors.

SW development is a global issue, distributed developments are standard. What must not be underestimated is the respect of cultural differences and the communication between the teams.

You can see what we are paying attention to. We strive to bring our software developers to the highest level, to live communication and prepare them for the objectives of their duties so that they deliver the best results in terms of your objectives. You want to finally put sustainable competitive products on the market and satisfy your customer’s needs?

Let us build a cathedral!

Streaming – Summer News 2016

We are used to be “live there” at any time and any place. Friends and family immediately experience what we are doing on holidays. If something happens around the world, we are live there. Moving pictures directly on your Smartphone, PC or “Wearable” – whatever it is: a watch, a pair of glasses or even your own retina where pictures are projected to? We are watching movies on demand whenever and where we want, classic television, which just happened to be the cutting edge, seems already old-fashioned. How does that even work?

The Internet, satellite networks, movie databases, VoD, OTT, millions of cameras – so, how does that work? What about privacy, personal rights and duties? And who is paying for it? Lucky us we have experts. Our experts developed a platform which is so flexible, Telekom operators, publisher, cable network operators, broadcaster and companies which want to provide moving pictures for their customers, are using it. It doesn’t take much effort, there is no need of an own infrastructure, you simply rent the system as long as you need it and it is as reliable. With the help of many examples, we can impressively show where the system is already working perfectly. By providing multi-screen TV apps we are rounding off the portfolio and are able to guarantee streams straight from the camera to the end users, wherever they might be.

We are taking in these innovations, enhance them together and returning it as an improved customer experience for everyone.

Start Ups – Summer News 2016

We are living in a time in which technology is progressing faster than ever. Processors double their performance in a very short time and the internet has overtaken print and TV a long time ago. How can you keep up or even outplay your competitors in this fast moving time.

Software outsourcing is the solution. For some an abstract concept, for others already long practiced Development Model. With the help of EST – Solutions you are improving your business with our expert’s know-how. An individually laced Service Packet accompanies your Startup from campaign launch to release and beyond. By clever software outsourcing an unbeatable price / performance ratio can be achieved. Using Scrum prepares your Start Up for the most rapid competition changes and is able to master upcoming challenges easily. Are you facing an expansion or a software idea but do not have the needed resources, please let us know.

Austria is no longer a small modest cottage in the heart of Europe. Each year more than 29,000 enterprises are launched but there is still room for improvement. Often brilliant ideas are never implemented because of a lack in market experience. Aside of software outsourcing EST – Solutions is able to offer a long time of experience on the market. CEO Engelbert Stritzl accompanies you personally to find individual solutions to match your challenge. Let us help you to guide your company to the top of the market.

“Does it better” will always beat “did it first.” – Aaron Levie

What a wise quote from the CEO of „box“, a sharing platform for save content.

We couldn’t have said it more accurate how important Customer Experience is these days. An often used term which quickly gains importance in our digital world.
The aim of every telecom operator is to organize his service as powerful and efficient as possible. To guarantee a high product quality and customer satisfaction you need to know what your users think. EST – Solutions offers in cooperation with Streambow the high-end tools and services you need.

Just have a look at our offering.

If you want to learn more about the importance of User Experience, take your time and visit the UXCamp Vienna 2016- Friday the 20.05.2016 in the EPU Forum.

Focus: Start Ups

In cooperation with our partner Ignite Outsourcing does EST – Solutions aim for young Austrian Start Ups.

At the very beginning when you are still working on your idea, EST – Solutions wants to stand by your side and ensure your idea’s success. CEO Engelbert Stritzl is able to find innovative solutions for the problems of young and energetic entrepreneurs.

When your Start Up takes off you have the unique possibility to benefit from EST – Solutions and its partner Ignite Outsourcing. The whole software development department can be outsourced while the Austrian team has more time to focus on other important parts like advertising. This solution allows your Start Up to grow rapidly it these highly competitive times.

Here is a short cutout from our partner Ignite Outsourcing:
“Ignite assists customers in developing detailed specifications. Then, Ignite minimizes their customer’s R&D risk by providing them with a guaranteed project price and delivery date, while keeping responsiveness to the customers’ changing requirements by on-going prioritization of the project’s requirements.”