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Individuel Software-Solutions and IT-High-Tech Products: this is the Basis for your Success!

What does EST-Solutions do?

What does EST-Solutions do?

"E-S-T Solutions - say E-S-T Solutions - is a solutions- and projects-oriented high-tech Software Enterprice. Based on modern methods top experts analyse problemsituations of their customers. The outcomes are individuel Solutions which will be realised by experienced and high-talented Teams.

Software-Architects, Analysts, Designer, Development-Engineers, Testers and Project-Managers wait for you. Our experts are always up-to-date when is comes to technological developments and trends. They know a lot of vertical issues in various segments. EST Solutions does support you with your Software developments, takes over responsibility of parts of and/or your entire Software development projects. EST Solutions provides suitable teams to finalise your projects on-time and on-budget. Our specialists take over individual challenges - also in form of dedicated teams.

EST Solutions provides you products and services in specific areas like customer experience for telecom enterprices, test- and diagnostic, streaming, monitoring and pro-active ensuring of complex infrastructures and innovative solutions for your specific requirements.

EST Solutions supports his premium customers with sales and business development services. Customers benefit from a comprehensive service offering and flexibel solutions. EST Solutions creates your competence and development centers on your behave. A famous expert network garantees to set-up suitable small and bigger Teams on your specific purpose.

EST Solutions ensures the competitivenss of it's customers sustainably!


  • Individuel Consulting and Advisory!
  • Unbinding Requests and unbinding Kick-Off meeetings!
  • Feasibility Statements and Solution approaches in the Kick-Off meeting!
  • Ensuring your projects: on-time, on-budget, on-scope!
  • Trustful treatment of Customer information!
  • Respectable Partners and Experts who knows their business!

Startup Package!

There is an idea at the beginning. But how to make success out of it? Marketing, infrastructure, communication, processes, etc. are necessary. EST Solutions escorts you based on an individual advisory and services package!

Cyber Security!

Internet crime increases continously and systems are becoming complex more and more. EST Solutions works with top cyber security experts - some of them with "sigint" experience. We provide you individual services and solutions!

IoT / Industry 4.0!

Is your company fit for Industry 4.0, digitalisation and Internet-of-Things? We work with the Mechatronic-Cluster of Business Upper Austria to check your system based on the degree-of-maturity modell (current state, target starte).


Mobility of the future is an issue we work for since years. If comfort or technique area, vehicles are more and more packed with Software. We do run a Center-of-Excellence to provide you services like algorithm, embedded, C++, etc. We escort you into the future!

Virtual-/Augmented Reality/Gaming!

Gaming discipline is using computers for playing games, but not only. In many industry areas requirements and support of mixed virtual and real world helps to move forward the business. Our innovative Center-of-Excellence helps you for it!

Service Quality & Infrastructure

Telecommunication campanies appreciate our customer experience solutions (fixed, mobile, WLAN, cable, etc.). We learn direct from your customers! But not only quality-of-service and -experience, the entire infrastructure (HW/SW, processes, machines, etc.) is in our focus!

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