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The development of this system contributed significantly to the success in the switching market. After about a year, the entire development team had reached a stable size of 200 highly qualified engineers.
Engelbert Stritzl
CEO EST Solutions
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Research & Development

A leading manufacturer of telecommunication networks wants and needs to develop its Operating & Maintenance System for the control of the digital switch (fixed network, mobile network) on a new platform. 

The core project team started with a new architectural approach and a fundamentally new design. The development of the Windows-based system was carried out by a distributed team (nearshore, offshore). After 15 months, a single-user system was ready for use by a pilot customer; after two years, a client/server solution was released for the global market with version 2. For the following years, the new system was an important revenue generator and also decisive for success in the switching market. After about a year, the entire development team had reached a stable size of 200 highly qualified engineers.



OSS/BSS solution for telecom turnkey

A completely new telecommunications network was set up under the management of a tier-1 telecommunications provider. This also required the development of a new operational concept and a management system (OSS/BSS)

Market-proven products were used for the OSS/BSS concept, while missing components and applications were newly developed. A local core team was responsible for coordination and customer acceptance. A local development team implemented the new system components together with distributed expert teams. The network was rolled out on time, with the new OSS/BSS system also ensuring operation.


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Real-time monitoring of a company infrastructure

A globally very successful Italian food producer needs to improve the logistics chain and optimise the entire infrastructure.

With Sherlogic, the new technology for real-time analysis of processes and technical components, the costs for monitoring could be more than halved. The starting point was the existing infrastructure and the available data from the existing sensors. This made it possible to achieve amazing results just one month after the start of the project. By correlating different components such as IT HW/SW, applications, data centres, machines, processes, etc., information can be gained that is able to predict failures. A priceless advantage. Translated with (free version)


Corporate Internet Gateway

Country-specific solution on behalf of a global telecoms company to ensure the operation of all internet gateways for their business customers.

The implemented Xperience home gateway solution checks and monitors the multi-end-to-end connections for the client's corporate customers. The demand on the service quality is particularly high, as it is about ensuring the communication and business processes of the customers. The QoS (Quality of Service) parameters are recorded via so-called "probes" on the local gateways and evaluated in a backend system. This makes it possible to ensure critical service level agreements and all activities are traceable.

Corporate Internet Gateway​