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A wide range of access technologies for service providers. Mobile Operators – Automation of Cell Site Validation

Quality of Service in the proliferation of 5G networks – the network that provides the efficiency and speed that we and the requirements of individual services need today.

For telecom companies it is essential to provide a flawless Qos for end users.

Very often it happens that starting from the construction works, the installation and maintenance of transmitter sites are completely outsourced. The disadvantage here is mainly the loss of control, as often a variety of measurement devices are used and they provide inconsistent results. This makes it impossible to introduce uniform, automated processes and also often results in days of waiting for feedback.

With the introduction of the new Telecommunications Act, promoting access to high-speed Internet and high-capacity mobile telephony, it is important to provide innovative Quality of Experience solutions!

Streambow, a specialized partner at our side, has exactly the solution for this:

XCellSite – powered by Streambow – automates the site validation process, organizes it, and delivers real-time data once the information is uploaded to the server. This solution provides technicians with up-to-date scheduling data to instantly confirm installation details, cabling or configuration issues, increasing the percentage of error-free sites. When outsourcing installations for larger providers, using XCellSite allows operators to control the installation process in real time. Operating costs are effectively reduced and site commissioning is accelerated! Furthermore, it allows the operator to truly identify network and equipment issues that impact their customers.

This results in numerous benefits in Streambow’s solutions:

– Results are delivered in real time
– Multiple technologies and approach from multiple vendors
– The ability to monitor customer perceived network quality

Streambow's solutions in detail:

The essential advantage for service providers:

– 40% time savings through process optimization and automation
– Results are delivered in real time
– Multiple technologies and approach from multiple vendors
– Ability to monitor customer perceived network quality
– Service providers benefit from self-care data that directly points to customer-relevant service issues
– The elimination of multiple field service visits to customer sites or locations
– Possibility to use field service staff with less knowledge
– Open interfaces enable rapid integration with back-end systems

Network service quality from the end customer's perspective:

Software clients, smartphone apps, web-based agents, or hardware probes provide comprehensive end-to-end testing, diagnostics and monitoring, troubleshooting of network problems, and assurance of network service quality parameters from the end customer’s perspective.

Diversity of technologies:

Broadband access technologies, including FTTx, mobile Internet, xDSL, IPTV, DOCSIS cable, Wi-Fi and WiMAX.

Streambow has already implemented several large, successful projects for telecom companies and their end customers.
Therefore, we trust in this partnership!

Together with Streambow we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions

From the conception to the development of a use case to the rollout, we support you in your project! We would be happy to present our solution to you and your team in detail or offer you a non-binding proof of concept.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!